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Welcome to my second post. In the first post I told you just a bit about myself and this blog but in this second post I’m going to tell you about this new blog.

I’m going to be moving posts from another blog to this one gradually. It will take some time since I’m moving roughly 550 posts. I will continue to post on that blog some too. I have a couple of free blogs and even a free one hosted on wordpress.com which is free. I’ve started blogs and deleted blogs over the years as I couldn’t keep up with them.

I’ve been told when it comes to monetization that a hosted site is much better and since the investment wasn’t that much I figured I’d finally take the plunge after having to revert all of my posts to draft(I chose to while I made sure all were compliant with my monetization program. Who knows if this blog will do any better monetarily but I started it(on another blog site) as a hobby back in 2009. After losing my place to live in May of 2015 and rebuilding a house and not having the opportunity to be in one spot for long and without a home I didn’t keep up with my blog. I really couldn’t. I won’t say I couldn’t because things haven’t improved. I’m still living mobile and in my car. In an effort to save money I stay in one place for days so I don’t use too much gas. And watch alot of TV on netflix and youtube videos. That’s something else I’ve started new. I’m creating videos as well but not too many.

Anyway, since being in one place I started my other blog back up again after abandoning it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the traffic it once did and with all in draft and starting over I figured I might as well start over somewhere else. I’ve resisted a paid host for awhile because my hobby was never to make money and while it really isn’t more than a hobby now I’m going to try a paid host and the best thing about it was the one touch wordpress install. I’d never used wordpress until a couple of years ago when I started one for fun and I discovered I really liked it. Although I’m not so fond of the templates and it took me awhile to find a template I really liked. I want it simple but not plain white. And while I love the bright pink templates I’m not sure visitors will like it especially men. So as you can see I went with a blue/green simple template. If after using it awhile I find something I like better I might try something different. But for now I want to get to the process of adding content.

Whether I make anything from it really isn’t the point but after blogging for 7 years it’s time to make a better presence for myself and having a paid host doesn’t mean I can’t still add content to my free blogs on occasion just not every day. And while I’m sitting in wifi hotspots like Mcdonalds I can be doing something constructive like adding content and writing on a blog. Maybe one day I can look back on this and laugh at my beginning feeble attempts. Believe me, I’ve deleted some of old posts from years ago after reading them and realizing how unprofessional they sound.

The purpose of this blog isn’t to write personal posts except on occasion and while the main focus is on hauntings, the real focus is on photography and I photograph allegedly haunted places and abandoned places too. I will also include some nature pictures here too but I’m still waffling on whether having my nature pictures on a separate blog. Keeping up with one blog is hard enough let alone two or even three. At one time I had 7 and as you can imagine it was impossible.

I ask that you be patient as I figure out the bubble wrap on my new blog. It’s a learning experience.

My other blogs are Sassygrrl32 which is my new personal blog, Sassygrrl32-PhotoBlogger and at 5Ve which used to have the same name as this one then I renamed it to Urbankish then to 5Ve after another blog I have which I’ve pretty much abandoned which actually got quite a bit of traffic to my astonishment. I have another blog at Spectral Divinity and Life 990 which I’m not working on too much but plan too in the future. You can read my articles at Hubpages. Sassygrrl32…..Peace…..

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