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This was posted on my other blog. Okay, I know this is nowhere near the Carolinas but since this was one of my recent visits I decided it will be first on my new blog.

After losing my place to live in May of last year I’ve been on the road and most of it has been travelling. I went all the way to California and went to Arizona and decided to explore Route 66. I didn’t get to alot of it but some. My destination was Joplin, Missouri then I decided to travel to St. Louis and that would leave me where I left off last summer exploring Route 66 in Illinois and Route 40 in Ohio and Indiana. Only recently have I slowed down. My interest in haunted places was reignited and I decided to visit a few places as I travelled through and a few that aren’t but I think are interesting.

There are alot of stories online about this graveyard and I wrote a rather scathing post about it. Whether it’s haunted or not I can’t say. Since writing this I read online about one paranormal group that visited and the lead investigator claimed this cemetery ruined her life and those of the ones in her group. Oddly, very recently I watched a video that talked about the haunting of a house in Union, Missouri and the paranormal group there said the same thing as what I read online about the group that visited Stull.

This is my experience or rather lack thereof. If you have been there and have other experiences I would love to hear them or whatever your experiences I would like to hear them. On a side note: I didn’t go up to where the church once stood. I know the townspeople there aren’t too happy about outsiders. At least that’s what I’ve read online.

Here’s my story with Stull Cemetery in Kansas.

After being rear ended(not too bad) in Rolla, Missouri about an hour and a half outside of St. Louis and having to wait a few days for the body shop in Joplin to inspect my car I decided to take a trip out to Stull since I had some time to kill while in the area. Oddly, I’d been thinking of making the trip out to Stull but ultimately decided against it since it was about 200 miles away. In the end I made the trip due to time and circumstances.

Since it is considered one of the most haunted cemeteries in America and most definitely in Kansas I couldn’t resist taking the trip and finding out for myself what all the hype is about.

I visited during the day as I’m sure night visits would get me in trouble with local law enforcement not to mention the townspeople. It is fenced in and I’m sure the gates are closed at night.

I’ve read many stories online about people being chased away. Some being followed up to twenty miles away. I experienced none of that. It really was quite peaceful. There was a man across the street mowing his lawn. Many people drove by and no one stopped. As a matter of fact, I walked around and took pictures of an old, abandoned house across the street from the church and photographed a couple of other buildings and drove through the town twice(what there is of it) and no one bothered me.

After doing a little research online it was exactly as I suspected(my opinion), this story is completely made up. And why wouldn’t it be? How could anyone believe such outrageous stories? The stories being that the cemetery is a gate to Hell, the devil shows if up on halloween, supposedly the devil had a child with a local witch, satanists performing rituals and many other outlandish stories of paranormal activity. Most of it made up by drunken teenagers, thrill seeking paranormal investigators and amateur ghost hunters. And if there was an ounce of truth to any of this I would think the latter two would be smart enough to stay away. But apparently not.

When I got to the cemetery I expected at least a cemetery that was marginally creepy but what I found was a very lonely cemetery with nothing(not even flowers) on the graves. And there’s a reason for this. The townspeople can’t put anything on their loved ones headstones for fear it will be stolen or vandalized. I feel for the people of Stull having to put up with this nonsensical garbage. I can understand them being angry over a bunch of people showing up to wreak havoc on their loved ones graves.

While I don’t know with 100% certainty there is no paranormal activity I seriously doubt it. The only spirits showing up at Stull Cemetery are in cans and bottles.

In all reality, while peaceful, it is a lonely cemetery not worth the drive and not being very photogenic as the townspeople can’t put anything(even a tree) up that will probably be damaged by a bunch of rotten, drunken idiots.

Here’s the story behind how all this nonsense got started:

Personally, I would stay away and leave the people of Stull and their loved ones alone. But if you must visit, as I did, be respectful, touch nothing, go only during daylight hours, don’t go telling untrue stories and be content with only a few photos.

As with most urban legends it is entirely made up and gains momentum over the years. Why someone made up this outlandish story of the devil and Hell is beyond me. But don’t go continuing the nonsense. Now I’m sure I may get some backlash from people who’ve visited and swear up and down there is paranormal activity and/or entities haunting the graveyard.

As with most graveyards I’ve visited there is nothing paranormal about it. And believe me, I have visited cemeteries and some abandoned houses that no one knows anything about that is not only creepy but I have gotten some very creepy and dangerous vibes. This wasn’t one of them.

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