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I moved this from my other blog. I found this cemetery somewhat creepier than Stull Cemetery in Kansas but whether it’s actually haunted I can’t say. There are alot of alleged hauntings in Atchison, Kansas. This cemetery is right outside Atchison and I wasn’t able take as many pictures as I would have liked. It took me a bit longer than I liked to get there following google maps. I had to turn around a couple of times to try and find it.

I read a couple of somewhat weird stories online. In one they found out lights they thought were strange turned out to be the caretaker getting ready to lock the gates. So it’s advisable not to be there after dusk or run the risk of being locked inside the graveyard and I know I have no desire to be stuck in a cemetery all night.

Okay, since I was in the area after being rear ended I decided to explore the area in and near Atchison, Kansas. After doing a bit of research and with the help of google maps I went to Round Mound Cemetery. It is supposedly haunted by a witch that was hanged for witchcraft. Although according to information on the internet the records are sketchy which makes sense. I’m sure they are.

I’ve seen on several websites that this graveyard is supposed to be haunted but could find no stories really to back this up and none of the websites where I read about it told of any experiences from the blog/site writers. None talked about their experiences so there is no way to know if they visited or not. I’m going to assume not.

I did visit and here’s my experience. I found the cemetery like most I visit rather bland. It was somewhat peaceful and lonely. I didn’t find it particularly creepy or weird in any way. I did experience a slight uneasiness and heaviness.

After visiting, I found fingerprints on my car which can be explained by a child putting his hand on my car although it wasn’t a handprint but rather a few singular finger prints. There has also been a scratching noise on my car. Again, I explain this by the fact I was rear ended and it left a small crack in the top of the bumper and when the wind blows the wind circulates around the vehicle and a small amount gets through the crack. As for whether it’s haunted I can’t say but I will say I’m not so sure it isn’t. I very rarely say this about any cemetery or site I visit.

On a side note: this cemetery was once considered one of the most haunted places in America. Correction: One website says earth. I very highly doubt this. That I’m sure is all made up.

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